School ( Psychological Stressor ) Essay

School ( Psychological Stressor ) Essay

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1. School (psychological stressor): I did incredibly poor last semester, so my cumulative GPA dropped from a 3.86 to a 3.77. I am severely devastated and hurt over my poor academic performance. I have never done so poorly before… I made it my goal this semester to earn a 4.0, so I can raise my cumulative GPA to a 3.80. The amount of pressure I am putting on myself is making me extremely stressed and ill and this is only the second week of school…

2. Being fixated on my disappointments (psychological stressor): I set high expectations for myself and when I cannot meet them, I would become enthrall in disappointment and sadness. For example, if I score a B on an exam, I would get incredibly upset. I would blame myself for not studying hard enough and for failing my own expectations. After that feeling subsides, I would become incredibly sad and I would mope in bed for a couple of hours. In bed, I would ask myself, “Why didn’t you study harder? Why didn’t you approach the question differently?” As a result of this, I am creating psychological stress because I am fixated on my poor academic performance and for the grade I have earned.

3. Emotional distress (psychological stressor): Lately, I feel as if I only have one type of emotion and that is sadness. My level of sadness fluctuates throughout the day and I cannot seem to pinpoint the root of what is causing me to feel this way. I feel rather displeased with everything that is going on in my life right now. I simply feel empty.

4. Lack of sleep (physiological stressor): Whenever school is in session, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night and about 5-6 (7 hours if I am lucky) hours of sleep on the weekends. I have this horrible tendency to choose to study rather to sleep. The l...

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...nship with this guy. He was extremely nice and sweet in the beginning, but he became an absolute jerk out of nowhere. I felt frustrated because he kept giving me mix signals. I also felt lost and confused and I would often go to bed upset at him. In the end, I felt it was crucial to end our so-called “relationship” because he was adding unnecessary stress to my life. I was slightly sad when things ended though … He was rather cute… We could have been a beautiful couple, but he was playing too much…

10. Finances (financial stressor): Money is extremely tight right now because I only work once a week and my earnings are not enough to purchase school supplies and textbooks. I cannot afford to purchase all of the necessary materials needed for my classes at the moment. My school schedule conflicts with my work schedule, so it is not possible for me to work more hours.

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