Essay on School Prayer Should Not Be Mandatory Prayer

Essay on School Prayer Should Not Be Mandatory Prayer

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School prayer, in the context of religious liberty, is state-sanctioned or mandatory prayer by students in public schools. Depending on the country and the type of school, state-sponsored prayer may be required, permitted, or prohibited. Countries which prohibit or limit school prayer often differ in their reasons for doing so: In the United States, school prayer cannot be required of students in accordance with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
The concept map made me better understand the social issue that I chose in many different ways. When using the concept map, I was able to view the social issue from different angles and different ways. Some people wanted school prayer in the schools because they think that children will perform better in schools with religion in their lives. I discovered this when I began doing the cultural beliefs on school prayer. Of course there were others who say that school prayer should not be in schools because it’s almost like pushing off religion on someone.
Cultural bias occurs when people of a culture make assumptions about conventions, including conventions of language, notation, proof and evidence. They are then accused of mistaking these assumptions for laws of logic or nature. Numerous such biases exist, concerning cultural norms for color, location of body parts, mate selection, concepts of justice, linguistic and logical validity, acceptability of evidence, and taboos. Ninety percent of America 's youngsters attend public schools. These students come from homes that espouse a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs. Given the incredible diversity of American society, it 's important that our public schools respect the beliefs of ever...

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...This can also decrease the number of protesting Americans and eliminate other social issues. Americans like to protest for what they think is right according to John Kvalsik from Yale University. If they just did what is right for everyone, there wouldn’t be no major issues forming from this issue.
With the government being able to control religion, others don’t want to express their beliefs because they are scared of being judged and being made fun of. There are other things that we are not allowed to open up about being that school prayer isn’t allowed. Things such as, sexuality, gender workplace diversity, death penalty, women in combat, and etc. Since society is really open and big on changes, for them to restrict prayer in schools is going to cause a big controversy in society. Society believes that we should be able to express ourselves in any shape or form.

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