The School Of Thought Study Management And The Human Beings Who Work For The Various Organizations

The School Of Thought Study Management And The Human Beings Who Work For The Various Organizations

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The schools of thought try to study management and are based on assumptions about organizations and the human beings who work for the various organizations (Wren, 1987). The study of management began formally in 19th century and has progressed with time as different scholars focus on what they believe to be important aspects of management during their era. There has been voluminous information about management, and various management thinkers have come up with ways of classifying them based on the information collected and distributed. This attempt to classify the information on management is what has brought about the schools of management (Senge, 1990). There are various schools of management which include classical, behavioral, modern approach.
Classical approach
This is the oldest approach in management schools of thought. It began way back in 1880’s and it emphasizes more on managing workers and organizations more efficiently (Wren, 1987). This approach has three areas of study which include scientific approach, administrative and bureaucratic approach.
The major contributor of scientific approach is Fredric Taylor, who worked towards changing the mentality of the workers and management at work place (Wren, 1987). In the late 19th century, management was making decisions on impulse, based on its judgment. On the hand, workers were working at a very slow pace. As a result of this, there was conflict between the workers and the management. Scientific approach tries to study work place systematically in order to improve efficiency (Wren, 1987). This approach is based on various principles which include, scientifically selecting of workers based on their qualifications and training so that they can perform well in their work,...

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...loyees and organizational behavior.
The theories are contrasting in several of their features. For instance, administrative approach under classical theory advocates for hierarchy and division of labor but human relations under behavioral rejects the idea that employees have power to make decisions that will influence the organization. Also, classical approach views workers as machines but behavioral contrasts in this area and suggests that workers re human beings and cannot operate like machines. They are subject to getting tired and being influenced by the working conditions and therefore they should be motivated. Modern theory focuses on the relationship between morale and productivity and suggests that workers should be motivated and encouraged to work and this will enhance the productivity of the organization. This is not highlighted in the classical approach.

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