Essay School Is The Most Important Goal

Essay School Is The Most Important Goal

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At first glance, I may not be the most impressive applicant you will see. I am not the applicant with the highest LSAT score, or the highest GPA. I am not the type of person who can go write an exam that I have not prepared for; sleep in late on a Saturday; or play a sport when I have not properly trained, stretched, and fuelled.
What I do have is drive; a passion for competition; a frighteningly fierce desire to achieve every goal I set for myself, and a consistent track record of excellence as a result. I set goals, I push boundaries, and I challenge myself to expand the limits of who I believe I am and what I believe I can do. My strength as an applicant goes far beyond the numbers attached to my name; my strength lies in my refusal to accept mediocrity within myself, no matter how hard the path to excellence may be. I work for each and every success that comes my way, and law school is the most important goal in my life so far. I am more than my test scores and my GPA; I am a fearless, passionate woman, and I believe wholeheartedly that this makes me an excellent choice for Ottawas law program.
The fact that I have been on the Deans list for every year of my university career is no accident. I wake up each and every day and I work: I read as much as I can, I research, I throw myself fully and completely into the material that I have the opportunity to study and the professors I am privileged enough to hear speak. My Gender Studies degree has given me the tools to become an intellectual explorer. I question, I dig, I think deeply and critically, and I refuse to take information at face value. I ask more questions than I am able to answer, but I never stop trying to answer them. My appetite for knowledge has matured into a pass...

... middle of paper ... under the supervision of bosses who constantly challenged me to push myself beyond perceived limits. I was even hired to work for the gallery part-time during my second year of university. This meant that on top of a busy school schedule, I commuted to Whitby every Thursday afternoon, and stayed in Whitby until Sunday evening in order to plan the entire programming for the upcoming summer at the Gallery. Much like in everything else I commit to, I poured my heart and soul into the Station Gallery.
It is for all of these reasons and more that I am more than the numbers attached to my application. I want to continue being a leader, to inspire others, and to continue to grow as a strong and bold woman with a career in the law. My entire life has always been about preparing myself for the grueling nature of law school, and I know I am ready. I hope you feel the same.

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