School Is The Best For Their Children Essay examples

School Is The Best For Their Children Essay examples

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Parents want the best for their children, and picking where to place them in school is a serious challenge for most. Imagine you are a student again: you walk into class this morning, and instead of seeing desks, you see a class divided into different areas and a big open space. The teacher walking around says good morning to you, and students are scattered around working where it pleases them. It is your responsibility to put away your things, and get started. There is no reason to be nervous, but excited, because what you learn today is up to you, and you have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time. Do you remember the last time that it was your choice to pick the material you wanted to study, rather than sitting among your peers being forced to learn the same thing simultaneously at the same pace? The Montessori approach may be the answer for parents, educators, and children who are looking for an alternative to our standard educational system. Most people are actually unaware of what a Montessori school is, and drive by the establishments without a thought. However, those that have heard of these schools go on to say, “Oh, isn’t that where kids can do whatever they want?” These schools are decidedly misunderstood, with the idea that they are unstructured without any type of formatting. As an employee of a Montessori school, it can be assured that even though the children are free to work wherever they want, the system is structured and engaging.
Classroom management is one of the most important skills a teacher must gain in order to have the most effective teaching. One technique effective teachers use is the placement of students in separate groups based on their level. This technique provides the m...

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... sand” (Ervin et al., 5). The Non-Montessori students’ favorite lessons of choice did not compare in the same challenging manner that the Montessori students preferred, and had less enjoyment in their schooling.
Through the examples shown, the benefits for children whose parents have chosen to take a Montessori approach in their child’s education can only conclude that this method is catered to the personal development of children, and promotes continuous creative and critical thinking abilities. As said by Ana Karna, a parent of a Montessori student, “the Montessori philosophy goes to great lengths to instill the characteristics that will see my child through adversity, and better his chances of success in achieving his greatest dreams, and mine” (4). Children in these schools are more likely to work together, learn self-discipline, and enjoy the learning process.

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