School Is Fashion And That Everyone Should Drive At Campus Essay

School Is Fashion And That Everyone Should Drive At Campus Essay

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Students think that driving to school is fashion and that everyone should drive to campus. This is an issue that has caused big problems since the available parking garages cannot carry the large numbers of cars getting into the colleges. Apart from the students, there are people who use the campus grounds as parking lots to evade taxes. In this case, campuses are overwhelmed with cars that even some students opt to stay away from campus anticipating their will not be able to park their cars. ACC campuses are not exceptions in this mess. Apart from the fact that there are not enough parking spaces, most of the students complain there is a lack of security at the parking garages as they find some of their belongings missing. I just heard one student shout out they were missing a side mirror that was not long before, Frank one of my friends at another campus complained of his spare wheel missing. One Friday afternoon I went to take one of my tests at a campus and almost missed the cut off time since I could not find parking. I had to wait for a longer time for cars to leave the parking lot so I could have somewhere to park my car. Parking problems at ACC campuses is not something new. With the increased number of students coming to campus driving there is a rising problem in parking. Some of the problems associated with this is that some students miss classes since they are afraid they might not find a place to park their cars. I believe that there are a lot of things that can be done by the campus management to ensure that this problem is solved once and for all. It is my stance, however, that the campus management alone cannot solve this problem. The students and the society at large have a greater role to play to ensure that the ...

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...eone is not responsible. The ACC campus must hire enough security and install camera in the parking garage to keep away any person with any ill motive. In case the ACC campuses can be able to implement all these recommendations and the students cooperate with the management, then parking within the campus will never be a problem. As I conclude, I will request the ACC campus management to take the parking problem as a serious problem affecting the students both emotionally and academically. A quick response must be taken to ensure that the student’s properties are sage from any form of vandalism or theft. Finally, students must be able to understand that a campus cannot avail a parking lot for all of their cars since space is economical. They must come up with solutions such as using other means of transportation such as carpooling with friends or by public transport.

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