School Is A Way For The Government Essay

School Is A Way For The Government Essay

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In my mind school is just a place where you socialize and are judged and graded based on how well you can remember things. To be completely honest all knowledge you absorb is only history. This history I speak of is put into books and its ‘taught” to us as something new when it’s only just reciting the past so that history doesn’t repeat itself. School is a way for the government to get money. Because you don’t have to sit in a building for 8 or more hours a day to be “educated”. Education is what music is to the ears, a peaceful and enjoyable ride meant to be fun and interesting mainly to exercise the mind. When you are talking to someone or you’re listening to something and you find yourself in a zone of interest that is the point where learning should grab your attention and spark the engine that your brain is. Education and school aren’t or don’t have to be connected. Because you don’t only get educated in a classroom.
Education can be life learning, there are many time I’ve heard “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. This statement references to the knowledge you know but also the people you surround yourself with, there are certain individuals who will gain in life by who they know and not what they know. The obstacles you go through in life will educate you, going back to when you were in elementary and the teacher said don’t pull that fire alarm. There was always that one kid that was bold who did pull the fire alarm and seeing the consequences they caused from themselves you learned from that situation and became more educated. The education that life delivers you involves survival, interaction, and socialization. In this world everyone find their own way to survive this is something that you can’t be educated on ...

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... hardly any collaboration. There is more memorizing what someone has already discovered and less figuring out things on your own, which doesn’t allow form much emotional engagement. So, learning is consuming knowledge without active response and not motivating. When kids seem to find a subject they are interested they tend to excel at that subject more than others. Education and school are tools you will use to help you find out what you want to become as adults. Education is the processed general knowledge and rom that you can develop judgment and reasoning from this. Knowing what’s good and bad and what’s right from wrong is something learned fast. School is a system your put in as a child where some outside education is learned but, also certain subjects that are being thrown at you because there important to learn and have that skill to help you proceed in life.

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