School Is A Safe, Nurturing Place For Children Essay

School Is A Safe, Nurturing Place For Children Essay

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School is supposed to be a safe, nurturing place for children to learn. It is a place for children to learn vocabulary words and sharing skills; science and socialization; mathematics and the principles of friendship. It is in schools that children not only learn the quantitative skills they need to secure a future job, but a place where children feel safe, engaged, and supported to grow into their own person. Unfortunately, different schools provide vastly different levels of care for their students, and the reasons behind the disparity are often complex and require a radically different structure than the current approach to education. While efforts have been made to reform the education system and its underlying causes, social justice remains just out of reach. This is partially because for many years, there has been an emphasis on equality in our society, meaning that everyone is given the opportunity to achieve the same goals. While this approach has opened up opportunities that previously did not exist, it also has failed to acknowledge that in a society built on privilege, the poor, the minorities, and the marginalized are still at a disadvantage. Equity on the other hand, recognizes that historically, many people groups have been held in oppression for decades or longer, so it focuses on providing resources for them so that they are no longer at a disadvantage for reaching their goals. In order for social justice to be feasible in the United States, citizens and must shift their attention from equality to equity, and come to come to terms with the fact that the effects of the country’s prejudiced past do not simply go away when ignored.
Equality, Equity, and Social Justice
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...ool funding in order to meet the needs of the most neglected schools in our nation. However, on a deeper level the lack of funding is due to resegregation, rote learning, and general lack of praxis on behalf of the government, principles, and even some teachers. Because the problems that lead to injustice in the school system are so deeply rooted, those who are trying to bring justice need to be committed to honestly evaluating the nations past to see how it has affected the present circumstances of marginalized students. From there, schools need to begin to function in a more equitable fashion to provide resources to aid oppressed students in finding their liberation. Finally, in the mist of restructuring the school system and even if it is successfully rebuilt, students and adults alike need to be taught to exhibit praxis so that society continues to seek justice.

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