Essay about School Involvement By Parents And Children With Disabilities

Essay about School Involvement By Parents And Children With Disabilities

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Getting involved in your child 's school is not as difficult as you may think. Even a little
school involvement by parents can have a positive impact on a child 's academic success and on their future when they have a disability.
Congress made parent involvement a key component of the Education of the Handicapped Children Act, the original federal special education law (Heward, 1996). Parent involvement activities are encouraged and provided by schools. These particular activities often encourage parents in working on behalf of their child’s learning and development. There are several reasons that families and educators should develop and maintain collaborative partnerships that children with disabilities will benefit from. One reason being that a child gets a greater amount of opportunities to learn and develop. It is also more likely that IEP goals are going to be targeted. Parent involvement gives children greater consistency and support in their two most important environments, school and home.
With strength and the power to recover quickly from difficulties, families become determined to do whatever they can to meet the needs of the child with a disability. Being said, Kochhar-Bryant (2008) developed a five stage “resilience model” that identifies experiences and tasks for parents as they move from learning their child’s disability through acceptance and appreciation (Heward, 1996). The five stages of the resilience model toward family strength include; Stage 1: Identification of disability, meaning the family may be disappointed and in denial that their child has a disability. Stage 2: Self-education, this stage is when the family learns about the disability and learns about the services needed or whom to reach out to for ...

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...more comfortable and feel accepted.
Similarly with cultural and linguistic differences there are a few other things to keep in mind when involving parents who are diverse. First, it is important to keep in mind that many of these families are English-language learners. (Heward, 2013). Due to this, it is very common that communications breakdown between the school and parents. But, it is still important for teachers to do their best to keep them informed and, when possible, involved in the child’s classroom. Also, because the family members are English-language learners, they are more likely to live in poverty. (Heward, 2013). Lastly, it is possible that the family could be undocumented immigrants and because of this they may be fearful of authority figures. It is important to build the family’s trust and cooperation to focus on educating the child. (Heward, 2013).

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