School Home Communication : High Standards For Student Achievement Essay examples

School Home Communication : High Standards For Student Achievement Essay examples

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“The ultimate goal for school-home communication is high standards for student achievement. Communication is effective when it contributes to parent and family involvement toward that end.” (AFT, 2012. p.55). In schools there are a plethora of steps that can be implemented to improve this type of dialogue. School and home communication is a big issue in many schools. Parent and teacher schedules are often times very hectic. So what can we do to make this more of a priority? My school does a great job as we are very flexible in meeting the parents around their work schedule. We continue to call home almost daily regarding any issues the student might be having. Teachers send point sheets home that discuss behavior as well as any assignments that need to be completed. According to the article “School-Home Communication Strategies” they suggest “From time to time throughout the year, send additional letters to parents. Doing so will keep the lines of communication open and remind parents that your school cares about their child. In your letters, always extend an invitation to parents to share their opinions and concerns…. Holding conferences early in the year helps establish good communication and trust. The goal of these first conferences should be for teachers to start building a positive relationship with parents. Teachers should use this time to gather information that could help them teach each student well.” (Responsive Classroom, 2011)
Many of the students at my school have very little in terms of clothing, food etc… some students have no access to either of their parents. How can we expect these students to succeed in the school setting, when they have so much to worry about outside of school? As a school, we need to assis...

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... much better than if the school was to do it alone. School staff and Parents would collaborate on the most essential needs to that building and make it more of a priority. PTA members would assist teachers in running events, tutoring students, and offering parent to parent support by communicating with other parents by answering questions or concerns they may have about the school.
Parent involvement is essential to student success. The most essential component of parent involvement is communication. Parents of all income levels and ethnicities want to be involved in their child’s learning; however, schools and parents often have a different understanding of what that involvement should look like. Creating a partnership between schools and parents can have a significant impact on student achievement and schools can take steps to improve school to home communication.

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