School Grade Level Alignment Is Nonexistent Essay

School Grade Level Alignment Is Nonexistent Essay

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Although there has been a degree of difficulty trying to get all sixth grade teachers to stay on pace, we have been able to horizontally align the curriculum. Since day one of the adoption, it was stressed by both middle schools that the curriculum adopted be the driving force behind sixth grade language arts. EngageNY has continued to be that force and all district common assessment, pacing guides, planning days, and DRS’s revolve around the curriculum. However, the vertical grade level alignment is nonexistent. Like mentioned before, the other two middle school grade levels refused to use EngageNY because of its complexity and teacher prep work in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, when adopting or selecting curriculum to meet common core standards, the school district gave each grade level the approval to select or create a curriculum of choice, thus causing for each grade level to use other curriculums than EngageNY. Having the ability to use a wealth of resources and curriculums is great, but also has caused inconsistencies to take place with common practices.
Due to the fact of not using the same curriculum for each grade level, has left students entering sixth grade completely at a disadvantage and struggling to make a passing grade. Many of the strategies and common vocabulary is new to students, and teacher often spend more time explicitly teaching each strategy as opposed to review strategies and common vocabulary students have been exposed to in past years. Moreover, after the students leave sixth grade and enter seventh grade, they never see ENgageNY curriculum again. In seventh and eighth grade, they are exposed to teacher created materials and nonfiction resources through Scholastic Magazines. As a result of thi...

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... Then, with the help of the resources specialist and English Language Coordinator, we would generate a list with each module and accommodations and strategies that could be used. During DRS, I would check-in to evaluate how accommodations are working in the classroom, and what additional resources could be provided.
Overall, EngageNY has proven to be a curriculum that six grade teachers from the Little Lake City School District have found that best aligns to the six literacy shifts addressed by the Common Core State Standards. They have also found that the resources, assessments, performance tasks, student activities, lessons, and the text and novels used, are rigors and provide a solid curriculum to assist with a student’s academic success. Although EngageNY has areas for growth, it is a curriculum that continues to evolve to make students college and career ready.

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