School Finance : The Ultimate Goal Of School Essay example

School Finance : The Ultimate Goal Of School Essay example

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In regards to school finance, the ultimate goal of school administrators is to provide all students with the most cost effective, comprehensive education that meets all federal, state, and local requirements and that reflects the values and beliefs within the community. This means that it is an expectation for schools to equip all students equally with the best possible educational opportunities that a community is willing to furnish. However, to accomplish this, school administrators must be able to sustain school programs throughout various economic periods.
The challenge in school finance is to find an economic equilibrium or a balance between school and program funding and long-term financial stability. In order to work toward the goal of reaching an economic equilibrium, school administration must practice good governance that utilizes biblical principles. By utilizing biblical principles such as (1) stewardship, (2) faithfulness, (3) planning, and (4) the authority of the government in a school finance philosophy, school administration may act responsibly in developing an effective school budget. Also in devising a school finance philosophy, school administration must also take into consideration how issues of equity, and adequacy may impact the approach implemented in school finance.
The Bible presents a variety of scriptures and principles that can be applicable to the handling of school finances by educational professionals today. One such principle that recurs many times throughout the bible is stewardship. In the biblical context, stewardship was a managerial task given to God’s children to demonstrate their faithfulness. God entrusted man with the care of all that He had created. “Then God blessed...

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...elements of Biblical principles and take into account how issues of equity and adequacy directly impacts school finance. Since its inception, the American public education system has undergone various reforms and equitable and adequate funding has been a reemerging issue in school finance. The challenge of providing equitable and adequate funding in the American public schools was addressed as early as the mid 1800’s. Horace Mann, the Father of the Common School, was influential in advocating the need for equity and adequacy in public schools. “However,” writes Baines (2006, p.269), “perhaps his greatest contribution was the idea that American children should be provided with a free, nonselective, academically challenging, fair, and morally just system of schooling. In his appeals to the public, he posited schools as a way to unify and edify a diverse nation.”

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