School Field Report- Mission and Analysis of St. Bridget's Catholic School

School Field Report- Mission and Analysis of St. Bridget's Catholic School

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Field Experience Report

Before beginning to analyze the school, let me state that I went to St. Bridget’s Catholic School, Hobart, Indiana. Their mission statement is direct and to the point.
St. Bridget School is grounded in faith and community service, while providing an exemplary academic program in a Christian atmosphere. Our programs foster academic excellence, self-esteem, discipline, character, leadership, and personal responsibility. St. Bridget provides a faith-based environment for its students, which fosters interaction within our communities and provides a life-long practice of Christian values and service. Teachers employ a variety of instructional methodologies, best practices, and educational strategies to help students solve problems, using comprehension, application of knowledge, and analytical skills. The personal dignity of each individual is recognized at St. Bridget School by creating experiences, which build self-esteem, as well as instill the appreciation for family and community. By word and example, we teach our children to live, love, and work productively in today’s society. St Bridget has a long history and rich heritage that delivers academic excellence, which exceeds state and local school performance.

Having stated their mission from the pamphlet distributed in their registration packet, they also boast being honored four years in a row by State of Indiana as the Exemplary School Status. The majority of students at St. Bridget also test an entire grade above their public school counterparts.
The School is located downtown Hobart. It is a parish school attached to the church building, established in 1927. The building is a brick building with a black-top parking lot that also ...

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...t affect the learning capacity of the classroom environment. The teamwork portrayed by the staff and the desire to meet the students in every aspect of their lives will remain a true salient feature of that school. The excellence in academics while incorporating a faith based education will always create a quality learning atmosphere. The educators here truly understand that the needs and security of the students are more important than the payroll. While payroll is necessary, the teachers are willing to put forth monies out of pocket to fulfill their classroom needs without hesitation. The ability to encourage the professional development at a personal and total school advantage point brings the staff together as a team, yet allowing for individuality. The methodologies vary from teacher to teacher, yet all students receive the best education that they can.

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