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Education is very important in our life. It measures our life chances and the window of opportunity to success in the society. Our education institution not only teaches us how to write, read and communicate thoroughly, but also social skills that enable us to become a productive citizen of society. The U.S. have taken enormous pride of its ability to provide top-notch education and freedom of its access. "It's the promise of American public education: no matter who you are or where you come from, you will be tugged gently along the path of learning, toward graduation and an open but hopeful future"(Dropout nation). However, the U.S. education is failing- one out of three students in public high school would not graduate, and for African American students, the rates is one out of two. Dropping out of school is no longer an occasion for bad students, but a social phenomenon, a silent epidemic that slowly eaten the strongest nation in the world. The causes of this epidemic is not one, but multifaceted: government, media and family are all part of its causes and solutions. In order to tackle this problem, we must identity our fault and short coming in the past.
The current education system is corrupted. Due to limit budget, school are desperately trying to get rid of bad investment- students who are failing or falling behind. Sarah Miller, an intelligent young girl who drop out from school at 15 years old was told at point blank "Why don't you just quit school?" when she sought help from her school administrator(Dropout Nation). Students like Sarah, who were pushed out of school are the major part of the dropout population. In fact, 88% of dropout had passing grades in their high school, but dropped out of school because of bo...

... middle of paper ... education system can alleviate it. Prison should be a place that provide a healthy environment and foster a good behavior that can let the prisoner to rejoin the society.
Education is important for a country to succeed. An uneducated workforce is far less productive than an educated one. As the sole super-power in the world, U.S. should be a able to constantly fine-tune it education to meet the future challenges. Critics have often argue that U.S. education system right now is what created the world best quality students from the Ivy League universities. Yes, it is inarguable that U.S. still produces one of finest quality of students in the world, however, the quantity of college educated students are equally or not, more important in this fast changing world. If the U.S. are unable resolve this problem, its future is nothing but a dire road of declination.

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