School Dress Codes Is Important For A Strong And Healthy Learning Environment

School Dress Codes Is Important For A Strong And Healthy Learning Environment

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School Dress Codes
Choosing what to wear for the day. This is what most students are thinking about when they wake up. Students need the latest fashion in order to fit in, but some clothing may not be acceptable to wear in school. School dress codes are denying students their right to dress how they want, but the dress code is important for the students and their learning. Students are beginning to stand up and want to be heard. Some students are taking action and want the dress code to become less strict but some schools are doing the opposite for safety issues and for the students healthy learning environment. Dress codes are important for a strong and healthy learning environment and is also reducing violence in many schools around the country.
Dress codes have been in place since the 1960’s and have been an enormous part of schools and education. The first dress code was sent to be decided by the Supreme Court. The problem was that students were protesting against the Vietnam War by wearing black wristbands which educators thought to be disrupting to the classroom. However, these codes help prepare kids for the real world where they must dress to the appropriate attire. Research shows, that students learn better when there is a dress code in place and the staff says many students are less worried about what they are wearing and focusing more on completing their school work. Dress codes also introduce a healthy learning environment for kids and help reduce violence. Other statistics have changes as well. Attendance has gone up and gang violence has gone down. Some students are feeling uncomfortable and are saying students are going to have to start dressing the same due to the dress code. On the same note, students also feel ...

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...ra strap is showing or a leg is noticeable. Men should have more self control. A girl from Foothill High School started an online petition on in order to change the length of skirts and shorts.
Every school must have a dress code and the amount of schools obtaining uniforms are doubling each year. Dress codes also carry into jobs which is good experience for what can and cannot be worn in the office or workplace. Students are better prepared for following the dress code of their job for the future where consequences would be more strict on the first offense.
Dress codes are important to schools in many ways. They bring violence down and help boost attendance in schools all over the country. The dress code will continue to be an important subject that will be debated over many times. Also, the dress code will be changed many time in the future.

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