School Dress Codes Are Sexist And Leave A Lasting Impression On Young Girls

School Dress Codes Are Sexist And Leave A Lasting Impression On Young Girls

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Bates, Laura. "How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture." Time. Time, 22 May 2015. Web. 18 Feb. 2016. In this article, Bates argues that today’s school dress codes are sexist and leave a lasting impression on young girls. Bates explains that there are several cases where girls are being punished for their adolescent bodies being distractions to boys. Also, it can teach a young girl that her body is dangerous and that a young boy automatically has the right to sexually diminish and harass adolescent girls in schools. This thought process is what causes a stigma later in college, declaring that when someone is sexually assaulted on campus, the person was asking for it. This can be detrimental to a young girl, and can even have an effect on the paths she takes in life. Also, the author uses pathos to appeal to the reader’s fears or worries and logos by using a logical fact. For example, Bates wrote, “It prepares them for college life, where as many as one in five women is sexually assaulted but society will blame and question and silence them, while perpetrators are rarely disciplined.” The article is current and reliable. This article has a lot of useful information on sexists’ dress codes, and how they later turn into sexual rape culture statistics. Therefore, it would be a good reliable source for an argumentative research paper.
Clifford, Stephanie, and Karen Ann Cullotta. "A Little Give in the Dress Code." New York Times. N.p., 09 Feb. 2011. EBSCO. Web. 18 Feb. 2016. In this article, the authors explain dress codes different angles. The principle of educational services for Burlington County institute of Technology, Beverly J. Hutton, explained that the more rules a school applies to the dress code the more...

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...s. There were valid arguments against the schools new dress codes. For example, the inability for parents to buy new clothes to accommodate the dress code. Only teachers, administrators, and students can work hard at every school to make an agreement on the dress code at school, the authors explain. In this article, the writers use logos for the logical statement, “Placing restrictions on what students wear will certainly not solve the problems of under-achieving schools. Only the hard work of teachers, students and administrators will accomplish this goal. At the same time, sexually suggestive, inappropriate, or potentially violent clothing in the classroom is clearly a distraction that could end up hurting students both emotionally and academically.” The authors gave a very convincing argument about dress codes in schools, and provided in-depth useful information.

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