The School Dress Code Policy Essay

The School Dress Code Policy Essay

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There have been many reports throughout the United States of schools depicting women, using their so called school dress code policy, which are full of very generic basic rules. Rules that can vary from case to case. Schools try to use these rules while deciding if one 's outfit they have worn to school is revealing, distracted, or offensive enough to be dress coded. Schools need to eliminate these bias punishments or lack of, by making stricter dress codes, or eliminate dress codes completely by importing a new school uniform to create less drama and make educations easier.
Having confusing dress code policies can lead to arguments between students and the school. Enforcing stricter dress code policies can lead to less arguments between students and the school. “Many schools employ the fingertip rule for skirts and shorts and yet they also permit cheerleaders to wear extremely short skirts to games, and to class on game day” (Swan, 2013). Schools have made the attempt to imply common dress code rules that everyone should be able to follow without a decision made by the school. But with this rule comes problems when it comes to school activities that break this. By allowing the cheerleaders to wear their skirts that are too short, they are saying that the cheerleaders are special compared to the rest of the student population. Swan (2013) reports that students from the general population believe that it is unjust for the cheerleaders to be allowed to wear their short skirts when they aren’t allowed to wear shorts that don’t go below their fingertips. She’s explaining that it’s necessary if the school wants to enforce a good dress code that works, they must keep it equal for everyone with no exceptions. Enforcing stricter dress co...

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...their students to follow, or as many as possible. Follow the footsteps of the success and repeat that.
Clearly, something has to be done. We can not have our students fighting over clothing and not feeling welcome into our school. Simply due to what they have in their wardrobe does not fit in too the norm. If nothing changes we will continue to see test scores decreasing as students believe they are becoming less and less welcome in school. If students can not feel safe, school officials have failed to do their job. The role of school is to have kids come and thrive. Making successful people who have a great rest of their lives. By changing our schools dress codes and making them stricter or even making the large transition to school uniforms we are creating a safe sanctuary for students. The final goal is to make education simpler and having less drama in schools.

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