The School Counseling Framework Is The System Support Essay

The School Counseling Framework Is The System Support Essay

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An additional part of the school counseling framework is the system support. This includes program coordination and outreach activities to promote partnerships within the community that supports the development of students. Some examples of this system are advisory groups, school/business partnership, parent organizations, agency partnerships, etc. The development and results of this program will be shared with the various groups to demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of the counseling program on students.
Management and Accountability of The Comprehensive School Counseling Program
To accurately manage and implement a comprehensive school counseling model, counselors have the task of carefully developing action plans, address agreements, use data, and select an advisory counsel. The management components have several elements, each unique to the school and students’ needs. This aspect of the program has evolved over time, as counselors did not handle these responsibilities in earlier years. As entire communities and populations have evolved, so too has the counseling world. One of the most important tools used in our contemporary age is data. As identified in ASCA (2005), data is the best method to associate with the success of a comprehensive counseling program. It gives validity to the improvement of educational systems. According to Kaffenberger and Young, (2011) schools use data to show academic progress toward meeting state standards, to justify funding for needed programs and personnel, and to determine professional development needs. The authors continue to affirm that in closing the achievement gap, schools are required to use accountability methods to show student performance. Using data can aid in this...

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...developmental and comprehensive school counseling programs providing a strong framework. This will ensure that our future students are well prepared and equipped with the academic knowledge and are prepared to face personal and social challenges to succeed in life. As a future school counselor, I will support my students in meeting academic standards, assist to provide a safe and secure learning environment, and to enhance their overall school experience. I will also apply my acquired knowledge of ethical standards and act as a role model for my students through my professional identity. I have also learned that by collaborating with others, I can create positive, proactive, and preventative measures that will benefit all students. I hope to be a trained professional school counselor who makes great strides in the academic and social growth of all my students.

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