School Children Should Be Grouped Within Levels Based On Their Level Of Academic Achievements

School Children Should Be Grouped Within Levels Based On Their Level Of Academic Achievements

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Due to the range of learning from student to student, regardless of age, school children should be grouped in levels based on their level of academic achievements. Students throughout the world, that are taught in groups, are taught in two different ways homogeneous, at the same level of academic knowledge, and heterogeneous, a mixed level of academic knowledge. The advantages of homogenous classrooms can be associated with faster paces of knowledge for students who are learning at a faster pace than their peers. This also translates to easier management for the teacher to answer questions that the entire class can follow, so they do not become too basic or too complex for classmates that are grouped by age only. Confidence can also be a big factor in homogeneous environments for students that can participate in a classroom at their own pace, where the same student in a heterogeneous could be too timid to participate. Although grouping by educational ability can have its advantages, it can also place students in the wrong group by following criteria that is not fitting.
When ability grouping is implemented correctly then an entire class can learn at a pace that is comfortable to each individual. It is not assumed that some students are smarter than other, but that some students are more motivated in a classroom environment. When subjects are broken down into high, medium, and low level groups teachers are assuming that this will be the level of workload taken on by the students participating in their subject. In some schools and subjects teachers will give an abundant amount of work in the first month of class to weed out the students that are not motivated to put in the work recommended in their ability group. Although this m...

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...advantages and disadvantageous. However, in a homogeneous classroom students are given the opportunity to learn at a pace that is comfortable with their peers. Ability grouping also allows students to receive individual attention that may disrupt the learning of a heterogeneous classroom. Leadership and confidence may also be found within peers of the same ability where lower ability students may be intimidated to take such a role in a heterogeneous classroom. Although ability grouping is not perfect and students may be placed in the wrong groups from time to time, they should be given the opportunity to advance into a higher ability group and build confidence that could not have been found. There is no perfect way to teach students but when ability grouping is conducted properly pupils can be found to be smarter, more confident, and work as a team with their peers.

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