School Bullying Is A Huge Problem Essay

School Bullying Is A Huge Problem Essay

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The article, Four Decades of Research on School Bullying, shows school bullying is a huge problem, and wants to gather peoples awareness to stop bullying. The article gives us steps to use so bullying can be prevented and isn’t common. The primary purpose of the research done in the article is to introduce people to the problem of school bullying and how bad it psycologically effects human beings. This article 's primary question is how can somebody effectively communicate and make everyone see the big issue of school bullying. School bullying is very common and this article gives us ways we can try to stop it. Bullying is an act of repetative aggression that is purposley done to another person, and causes the bully to become superior to its victim. A bully is someone who uses his or hers superior powers to intimiate the weaker person. Bullies usually pick on kids because they are self concious, do it to fit in a group, or beause they want to feel superior and in power. Most bullying happens away from parents and happens mostly at schools. Bullying is common at school because teachers either do not notice or choose to look the other way. School bullying has been a major problem and president Obama got research started to try and stop bullying and find out who the victims tend to be. In this article, you learn the different types of people who are bullies, what bullying is, and why bullies do what they do. By publishing this paper, the author hopes to try and reduce bullying, eventually stopping it by informing people about bullying and how its a huge problem.
This article has no hypothesis. Instead the area of study the article researches on is the students, ranging from grades four to tweleve who are a bully or a victim of bull...

... middle of paper ...

... or bully to keep the audience more engaged. Another weakness is that the research for the study was very weak and didnt give the reader much data.
A logical extenstion to this experiement would be comparing school bullying to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying plays a role with school bullying, because it is usually always brought into the school. The only diffrence is the person who does cyber bullying is afraid to confront the person and say it to them directly. But this study would be easily conducted as all they have to do is research the same way they did for school bullying.
This article taught me a ton of new things. My favorite thing I learned is that 85% of peers witness peer victimization. If I ever saw one of my family members, friend, or teamate was getting picked on, I would shut that down right away. I was shocked and amazed at how high that number is.

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