Essay on The School Board Of Lemon Grove School

Essay on The School Board Of Lemon Grove School

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After all of the readings, lectures, and video, one legislation or court case that I feel that made and impacted on English learners would be Roberto Alvarez vs. the Board of Trustees of Lemon Grove School. After watching the movie, I did not like how the school board take care of the situation. They seem not to think about their decision thoroughly. The school board seems to cared more about their image than the Mexican students’ education. For me, I think that if people who are going to be on the school board should care about the students’ education no matter their ethnicity. Every student deserved to have the same resources and education as anybody else despite their ethnicity. Every student deserved to have the same resources and education just like everybody else despite their ethnicity.
Another thing that I find it to be wrong was the building that was used for the Mexican students including the teacher. I understand that they want to help the Mexican students to get a good education but why build a school that looks like a barn. They should build the school the same as the ...

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