The School And Its Instructional Purpose Essay

The School And Its Instructional Purpose Essay

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In preparing for the course, The School and Its Instructional Purpose and reading the textbook, Leaders of Learning, it became clear this course would inspire me and provide direction for what nature of leader I desire to become and would guide me to the tools to equip me for the journey into education administration. Schools are all very distinctive and serve unique communities, but all schools exist to educate children. The academic success of each student should be a priority for all school staff and, as a leader of learners, regardless of what area of administration I am in, my pursuit should be the same, to educate children. The textbook, speakers, articles, and discussions all centered on building an environment that is conducive to the education of students. As I reflect in this intensive summer of personal growth, I can point to three areas of development as a leader in a school community, as an instructional leader, and as an administrative leader.
“You must know yourself and who you are as a leader-so when it gets rough you don’t waiver” (Watson, 2015). Becoming a leader in a school community requires the willingness to step out with confidence, having developed the skills and knowledge necessary to lead others. Throughout this summer, my knowledge base regarding school leadership has grown tremendously. The course in school law taught me why schools operate the way they do, I came to understand that, although I had extensive knowledge and experience in schools, I have much to understand and develop in. As a school leader, I must acknowledge the validity of assessment and evaluations and how to use those to develop my campus and educators, in order to educate the children I am charged with educating. Choos...

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...nistrative and tense situations.
To prepare for school leadership, instructional leadership, and administrative leadership, I must eagerly spend the time to learn through books, articles, and technology to develop my skills. As I am writing my SMART goals for my internship and this next school year, I will be concentrating on learning that will aid me in my understanding of school leadership and effective instruction. I also plan on listening and observing those who are in the field and modeling successful leaders. The instruction to look at things through an administrative focus will help guide my decisions and help me to experience school in a different way. This is an exhilarating time to be an educator and, armed with the motivation of a summer full of learning, I am ready to step out and lead others through modeling learning and servant leadership.

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