Essay on School And Extra Support Overall

Essay on School And Extra Support Overall

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school and extra support overall. This is consistent with a study conducted by Rumberger and Thomas (2000) in which based on their results, stated, “In the eyes of students, good teachers may mean understanding and supportive teachers who can contribute to students staying in school […]” (p.55-56). Teachers who care about the success of their students and do what they can to help students thrive can improve retention rates.
Increasing Students’ Interest and Value
As follows from the information about supporting relationships and their impact on student success, is the notion that the lack of support is influencing students’ motivation to persist. A review of research on ways to improve retention rates by keeping students engaged, motivated and supported, suggested the use of talent development and career academies (Gerald, 2007).
Talent development. According to the Gerald (2007) from the Center of Public Education, the Talent Development model was designed specifically for the purpose of retention of students in high-poverty urban schools by separating the school into small learning communities or academies. While the 9th grade academy is oriented toward improving reading and math abilities, students can choose to spend subsequent years at the school in a Career Academy of their choosing, which will feature technical and career coursework and a college-prep curriculum (Gerald, 2007). This is significant because, as noted by (Iyengar, & Lepper, 2000) by allowing students some choice in what they are studying, it could potentially keep them engaged and motivated. What is more, the use of block scheduling in Talent Development schools, where classes are ninety-minutes long, helps students get to the level of reading and writing t...

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...n their life valuing their academic success in order to sustain student motivation levels (Legault, Green-Demers, & Pelletier, 2006). Two solutions provided for fostering feelings of support for students included increasing communication between parents and schools and improving adult student relationships on campus (Bridgeland, Dilulio & Morison, 2006). Strategies to increase student interest and value in their schooling included implementing talent development high schools and careers academies in schools with a high population of students who are at risk for dropping out (Gerald, 2007). In order to assess whether these interventions would make a difference in students’ feelings of support and also graduation rates, self-report surveys could be given to students and large-scale studies would need to be conducted for the purpose of obtaining actual graduation data.

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