School: An Organization of Controlled Education Essay

School: An Organization of Controlled Education Essay

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George Orwell wrote the novel "1984: as a warning of to the people of the world of what happens if a government gains to much power. 1984 depicts a nightmarish world with an overpowered government that has complete control over its people. The Party has even gained a certain amount mind control over them through a process of thought narrowing and memory erasing. This dictatorship has even gone as far as to create a fake never-ending war to keep the minds of the people occupied and use as an excuse for the fluctuating prices of common goods. When reading George Orwell’s novel 1984, the parallels between the actions of the government in 1984 and the actions school system from two thousand to two thousand fourteen some striking resemblances came into view especially with the ideas of the censorship of education, and destruction of self-expression, removal of religion.
Ever sense we enter our first day of kindergarten we are told that school is a place of pure knowledge and learning. We begin to accept everything the teachers tell us as the gospel truth giving schools a sort of “control [over] matter because [they] control the mind” (Orwell 264 265). The schools further extend their control by punished students who question what teaches say by sending them to the office for students we are told that nothing is being kept from and all knowledge is available to us. All we need to do is simply ask a question or go to our school library. What we are not told is that in the “recent past decade, 5,099* challenges” (Frequently challenged books) were made to books in schools for themes of “sexually explicit material offensive language... unsuited to age group… violence… homosexuality” (Frequently challenged books). Books...

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