Essay about Scholarship : Scholarships Or Salaries?

Essay about Scholarship : Scholarships Or Salaries?

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Scholarships or Salaries?
There are over 7 million high school athletes, but only enough roster spots for 2% of them in college (Athletic Scholarship Statistics). If fortunate enough to reach the collegiate level, these students spend around 40 hours per week in labor for their sport alone (Huma). Along with studying, going to class, and any other activity a scholar may be involved in, these young people are striving for success on and off the playing field. Should the considerable amount of money raised at events on the field be allotted to the competitors that are generating it? College students are typically unexperienced with large amounts of money, which may cause bad decisions to be made with such an idea. However, hundreds of student athletes are pushing themselves to the limit to perform well in front of millions of people, in person and through the media, which results in millions of dollars in revenue for the NCAA as well as the universities. The schools are giving many student athletes scholarships to pay for their education, but is that enough? Is it the right way to reimburse them for their commitments and time consuming effort? With the enormous amount of money being collected, the National Collegiate Athletic Association along with college institutions should implement a system to further compensate student athletes based on the total revenue being generated by their contests.
Business is all about the money. Advertising, ticket sales, and broadcasting are all colossal contributors to the enormous amount of revenue these amateur athletes bring in to their university. This is because of the hard work of these young athletes is admired by many people throughout the world and is exemplified by the $6.1 billion athlet...

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...e to purchase necessities that are not covered in scholarship earnings. Additionally, the students may invest the money and use it for emergency situations, such as being injured, or reserve it for after graduation when these young adults step into the real world. Furthermore, the players are not protected by any NCAA rule for scholarship guarantees if they become hurt making money for these programs. Nonetheless, the players busting their butts for thousands of hours, making this industry very lucrative for the NCAA and the universities involved, are being stripped of the share they deserve. The system needs change, student athletes committing all their time and effort should be compensated, they need to be protected from instability if injured, but they also should be forced to complete a degree in their time spent at a university to ensure a reasonable backup plan.

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