Essay on Schizophrenia And Theory Of Mind Social Cognition

Essay on Schizophrenia And Theory Of Mind Social Cognition

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Schizophrenia and Theory of Mind Social Cognition
There are many different mental illnesses, but schizophrenia is one of the least understood illnesses. Since schizophrenia is one of the least understood illnesses and has many different causes that makes it harder for doctors to help try and cure the illness, especially if it is not detected early. Just like any other serious illness, schizophrenia is critical to one’s life if not treated early on, which is why research on schizophrenia is so important. Additionally, schizophrenia is a serious, and complex illness that needs to be studied more in depth. Moreover, the longer schizophrenia is left untreated the more cognitive and social functioning begin to slowly diminish. (Santosh, Dutta Roy, Kundu, 2013). In addition, this social cognition diminishment can lead to impairment of the social cognitive skill “Theory of mind (TOM)” and social life, making it hard for one to interact normally with other people (Santosh, Dutta Roy, Kundu, 2013). Theory of mind (TOM) is a social cognitive skill that refers to the ability to comprehend one’s own and other people’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Furthermore, since there are many different causes of social cognition and TOM impairment, it is hard to identify whether schizophrenia is the root cause of impairment or not. The fact that not all aspects of TOM are tested makes it difficult to pinpoint the severity of schizophrenia on social cognition and theory of mind (TOM) (Bailey, Henry, 2010). Further, some studies show that TOM impairment in schizophrenia is associated with cognitive function deficits and specific brain region impairment.
Neural substrates in TOM are examined to see what brain regions of TOM are damaged in schizo...

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... connected to schizophrenia, but other symptoms as well. One symptom in schizophrenia patients that is connected to poorer social functioning skills is comorbid obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms. In the article “The relationship between sub-clinical obsessive compulsive symptoms and social cognition in chronic schizophrenia” the authors; Alexis E. Whitton and Julie D. Henry (2012) research the relationship between schizophrenia and OC symptoms. This OC symptom causes deficits in cognitive functions that are the some of the same cognitive functions that schizophrenia impairs, meaning that OC symptoms are related to higher social cognitive problems within schizophrenia patients. Moreover, the purpose of this study is to provide the first insight on the connection between greater social cognition problems and OC symptoms in long term schizophrenia patients.

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