Schizophreni Symptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia Essay

Schizophreni Symptoms And Treatment Of Schizophrenia Essay

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The medical definition for schizophrenia is a severe brain disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in the combinations of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior. The word schizophrenia has not been around for long, it is actually less than 100 years old. This disease, however, was first discovered by a doctor named Emil Kraepelin in 1887. Before schizophrenia adopted its name, Kraepelin called this disease dementia praecox. His differentiation between dementia praecox and what is now called schizophrenia, was a turning point in the history of psychiatry. Kraepelin started with the name dementia praecox because it meant early dementia. He wanted to keep it separated from other dementia disorders that were more profound later in life, such as Alzheimer’s. In 1911, a Swiss psychiatrist, Eugen Bleuler, officially named the disorder schizophrenia. He used this name because it was clear that the name Kraepelin gave was misleading because the illness was not a dementia and it did not always lead to deterioration. Also, this disease does not only happen in younger generations, it can happen later in life as well as early in life. The word schizophrenia is broken down from the Greek roots. “Schizo” meaning split and “Phrene” meaning mind to describe the fragmented thinking of people with this disorder. Many people misunderstand the meaning of schizophrenia and think it means split personalities when really it does not have that meaning at all. Since 1911, the definition of schizophrenia has continued to change, as more scientists attempt to more accurately distinguish the different types of mental disorders. As of right now, stated in the DSM-IV (Dia...

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...ajor role and suicide by patients with schizophrenia are nine times more likely than people that are not affected by the condition. The lifetime risk of suicide for patients is 5% (Susan Chow).”
As stated earlier, paranoid schizophrenia due to genetic predisposition and environmental factors. Stress has a big thing to do with schizophrenia so the less stress a child has in early development the chances of an individual being diagnosed with the disorder decreases. Damaging the already vulnerable brain of a child in the early years of development can increase the chances of an individual being diagnosed. Treatment options for schizophrenia are good, as well as the outlook. The disorders continue to improve. With medication, therapy, and a strong support system many schizophrenics are able to control their symptoms, gain greater independence, and lead fulfilling lives.

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