Schizophreni A Mental Disorder Essay

Schizophreni A Mental Disorder Essay

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Schizophrenia is a dramatic mental disorder that affects lives of people in their early twenties. This is when the first psychotic episode will usually occur. People that that are known to have the disorder can have disturbances in their personality and without grasping realistic views in their lives. Victims have trouble with determining what is real in life due to hallucinations; visual stimuli that are not seen by others and are fake. They also have delusions; abnormal thoughts about life and feelings of being threatened that others don’t have. Schizophrenics have a neurotransmitter irregularity within the brain, which causes the sudden psychotic episodes. Although there is no cure for schizophrenia, there are effective treatments for victims that can significantly decrease the occurrence of severe symptoms such as hallucinations. A life of a schizophrenic can be peaceful but he/she must endure a consistent treatment with medication and a therapist.

Schizophrenia is known as a debilitating mental disorder that can overwhelm a human’s ability to cope with reality. Schizophrenia was first known to be an act of bewilderment, which caused society to act in a variety of cruel ways. Many of the times, people seen with this disorder were put into “madhouses” also known as insane asylums. Schizophrenics were thought to have demons inside them or had curses and as a result, victims were put into these asylums for the rest of their lives in order not to infest any other civilians. The first asylum made was in the 14th century. The most infamous was called Saint Mary of Bethlehem. Brutal punishment was the main treatment given in this hospital to overcome mental illness mostly given to the poor who had no friends, family or f...

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... time for career development. This causes an individual’s social and work skills to become weakened dramatically. Allowing the victim to frequently be exposed to social settings allows for more coping techniques.
To sum it all up, there is a significant amount of research that needs to be done in order to better treat patients with schizophrenia. The disease allows for minimal ability to cope with reality. In addition, Schizophrenia allows for major deterioration of cognitive skills, social awareness, and sensation of pleasure. In all aspects of the brain, schizophrenia seems to create issues that disrupt neurotransmitters to work properly. Without proper treatment, a schizophrenic can easily go insane without professional support. A victim suffering from this disabling mental disorder will not have normal conscious experiences once he/she is chronically diagnosed.

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