Schindler's List Is of Use to Historians Essay

Schindler's List Is of Use to Historians Essay

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Creative works are of use to historian - Gabriel Beron
Creative works are of use to historians to a large extent. However there is a fraction that is not completely historically accurate but simply made for the enjoyment of the audience. Schindler’s List is a film based on Oskar Schindler’s fight to save Jews during the Holocaust. Whether the film is historically accurate is determined by background information that can confirm how precise this film is. The main factors of this film were the protagonist Oskar Schindler and his transformation from a pro-Nazi to a Jewish sympathiser, Amon Goeth who is a Nazi officer in charge of the camp at Płaszów and his psychopathic routines and attitudes towards the Jews and the horrific mistreatment of the Jewish people and how they were portrayed. These aspects of the film show just how useful creative works can be for historians.
Oskar Schindler was the protagonist of the film and is portrayed throughout the story as wealthy, alcoholic and also appears to be a womaniser given the historical accuracy of his personal features shows how useful it is for historians. Schindler is given an approval to open up a factory and manufacture army kits by upper class Nazi officers. During the holocaust the SS or the Schutzstaffel which are Nazi officers would sell to Nazi members newly destroyed Jewish business and property . This would mean that this would have easily of happened considering that Schindler was a fast talking money hungry person. His biography indicates that he was a very arrogant man and only cared about profit so when he heard that Jews cost lest for more labour he instantly bought upon that idea. He was an opportunist and was motivated by profit . He did witness a Ghetto raid in 1942...

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...erves a great purpose. Even though the exact murders from Goeth in the film did not happen, the events represents who he was, which is very useful to the point that historians can determine what kind of person he was. Even though not everything is true in creative films like Schindler’s List, the main factors are which is important and serves as great use for historians.

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