Essay on The Scheme Of Work And Lesson Plan

Essay on The Scheme Of Work And Lesson Plan

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The scheme of work and lesson planned intends to improve website development skills. The aim of my scheme of work is ‘to develop skills of Research & Development, Holistic Circumspection and Self-learning to develop a site and improve understanding of market audience’. Best practise is considered to be when students are taught to by adjusted speech: “teacher changes speech patterns to increase student comprehension. Includes facing the students, paraphrasing often, clearly indicating most important ideas limiting asides, etc…” (Outcomes, 2008).
My aim, is to make the skills of suggestion, reasoning and expectation plain so that they can be applied to the end task, these plans were learnt by reading on ways students learn and academic documents such as the literacy and Numeracy framework (LNF) and the national curriculum. Likewise, Vygotsky’s socio constructive theory was applied as a specific teaching technique, including give-and-take teaching. I also deliberated the importance of Cwricwlwm Cymraeg and differentiation techniques whilst planning. Overall, the scheme of work and lesson plan helps shape essential skills required within not only ICT knowledge but also for social and employment drives.
Socio-constructivist Theory
According to Mascolo, Vuygostky’s social-constructive theory comprises a child positioned approach to learning where the pupil is the problem solver and the teacher is a helper (Mascolo, 2009). This indicates the teacher should take a step back and allow the students to develop their own learning, which is supported by the teacher. The lesson plan focuses on a child centric approach as the students will have the guidance initially in phase two and the activities point students will be building t...

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... levels of desired learning (Mascolo, 2009) However, the philosophy and practice of student- centred pedagogy has its disadvantages according to mascalo. Student centred learning is often clear in contradistinction to ‘teacher centred‖ pedagogy’. The thought that pupils must be dynamic in the building of knowledge is often understood to suggest a lessening role for the teacher in the education process. Educators are sometimes forced upon to lose particular rights to authority teaching space. As a consequence, the character of the educator develops altered status as teacher. (Mascolo, 2009) In difference to balanced approaches, Piaget stated that knowledge is built over time by performing in your day to day life. In contrast to observation, Piaget claimed against the idea that knowledge and observation create simple copies of things seen or experienced. (Piaget, 1973)

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