Essay on Schema Of A Child 's Schema

Essay on Schema Of A Child 's Schema

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A child’s schema can be seen as part of their inspiration for learning, their unquenchable drive to move, illustrate, discuss, and inquire about (Phillips & Pearce, 2011). According to Woolfolk, Winne and Perry, “schemas (sometimes called schemata) are abstract knowledge structures that organize vast amounts of information” (2015, p. 277). These schemas are mental structures that escort an individuals perception and comprehension of known and unknown experiences and allow an individual to symbolize large amounts of complex data, make assumptions, and make sense of new information (2015). Through the gathering of additional research, it was noted that the term schema possess several definitions as defined by various individuals. These various definitions allowed for point and counterpoint arguments in regard to the true meaning of the concept schema.
Writer Lim defines a schema as patterns of repeated behaviour which is most noticeable in young children’s play (Lim, 2012). Similarly, Athey believes that a schema is a continuous, repeated behaviour in which experiences are absorbed and progressively coordinated; coordinations that lead to a higher more stronger schema (Phillips & Pearce, 2011). However, Meade and Cubey, authors of Thinking Children: Learning about Schemas, argue the term schema as a configuration of thought that is related to cognitive structures. Counteracting Lim and Athey, Meade and Cubey believe that schemas are similar to segments of ideas or concepts (2008). Aware of both counter perspectives, it is interesting to discover that researcher Bruce believes schemas have both aspects of a biological path and a socio-cultural path, both of which are correlated to children’s development. According to Bruce the ter...

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...h yet. This could then result it something that is too challenging for the students and/or does not coincide with their interest at the time.
Due to this, I believe that teachers should not just determine a students stage of schema through one observation, rather they should be conducting daily observations in order to determine the most accurate schema stage for that student. Teachers must be aware of mental structures, that are schemas, to understand what students know, what they do not know, and what can be done to enhance their knowledge of new and complex information. As a future teacher, I will conduct daily observations and research in order to deepen my understanding of my students schemas and to match their current stage and interest, which will result in each student reaching their optimal growth and development of learning taking place in my classrooms.

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