Scheduling Classes, Athletic Events, and Extra Circular Activities Essay

Scheduling Classes, Athletic Events, and Extra Circular Activities Essay

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Scheduling Classes, Athletic Events, and Extra Circular Activities
We are all given 24 hours in a day and in an organized system each hour is given a category or name. An Athletic Director has many responsibilities in managing a department that has many activities occurring each day. These activities are physical education classes, practice schedules and locations, meeting special needs students, coordinating game schedules for each sport, and finding time to mentor those within the department. Each area presents its own challenge to synergistically work with the available facilities that are available. Therefore, to be effective in creating a physical education program and athletic department, it is imperative that the athletic director is organized in his own schedule to meet the demands of each area of the department. The following essay will outline what a well-organized physical education program and athletic department looks like from the eyes of a current athletic director through a personal interview and current peer reviewed journal articles.
The Art and Science of Scheduling
Physical education instruction for students today is vital to the overall health and well-being of each student in our schools today (Jensen, 2003). Proper scheduling can be difficult as there are many demands on athletic facilities as they are used as multipurpose facilities to hosting athletic events (C. Curtis, personal communication, May 6, 2014). There are a few types of scheduling that schools currently will use for arranging school calendars; traditional, flexible, and block (Jensen, 2003). Traditional scheduling consists of a teacher to pupil ratio and is used most often for the majority of subjects and is simple to create classroom...

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...effective instructors, each individual involved will have an opportunity to learn skills that can be used throughout life (C. Curtis, personal communication, May 6, 2014).

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