The Scene Of Alex And Travis Meet Essay

The Scene Of Alex And Travis Meet Essay

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The first scene that this essay will be focusing on is the initial scene where Alex and Travis meet. Travis will come into the diner to ask if they have any available openings, and he will immediately be offered a job because they are slammed. When he walks in he will be wearing his signature leather jacket and red Chuck Taylor’s. He will immediately draw all the attention because all the customers and other employees will be dressed in neutral colors that do not pop at all on the screen. His shoes will be bright and have no appearance of dirt or any wear and tear. This will be because they are a huge part of his style and this will be a huge symbol of his personality.
His leather jacket will also be very significant in clueing in on his character and personality. It will appear worn, and a bit faded, but still in very good condition without any scratches, holes, or stains. Despite the fade, there will be no holes or scratches on the surface. The fade will show how often he wears it, but the lack of damage shows it is one of his prized possessions and that he takes very good care of it. Under his leather jacket will be a white t-shirt that has “Cal State” on it in big black letters. This lettering is very significant. Cal State was established in 1947 and would have been a relatively new college in California that would not have been well known in other parts of the country. This would be a big clue that Travis was not from anywhere around here, where many people probably had not even heard of Cal State. It starts the initial impression that he is different from everyone else. The t-shirt will be a bit wrinkly and worn, but not to the point where it looks ragged and disheveled.
Travis will also be wearing extremely dark wash je...

... middle of paper ... opened up more and became more adventurous since growing closer to Travis.
As their relationship progresses, Alex began to come out of her shell more and more and her once hidden bold side becomes more prevalent. As she grows closer to Travis she begins to let loose more and this is seen in her costuming. The bright red dress is completely uncharacteristic of her character from the beginning and shows just how much she has changed since meeting Travis. In the opening scene they are connected subtly by red accents, and now it is their main color in the scheme of their prom costumes. This is symbolic in showing how they were distant in the beginning with only a faint connection to now when they are closely linked as a couple. Red is a bold and outgoing color which is really going to make Travis and Alex pop on the screen and draw all of the attention towards them.

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