The Scarlet Letter, By Young Goodman Brown Essay

The Scarlet Letter, By Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Did you enjoy reading Young Goodman Brown? Hawthorne was a Dark Romantic and believed in the pureness of ideas rather than following the crowd and doing what society says “is the right way”. In Young Goodman Brown, Brown was a strong person in belief until he took an adventure that he was curious about and became doubtful a little bit which caused confusion in his life. Hawthorne uses literary devices such as imagery, symbolism, and pink ribbons as well as inspiration which is an “I” from the romantics.
Symbolism is portrayed in the story when Brown takes an adventure into the woods and he meets a witch named Goody Cloyse and followers of the devil like Deacon Goodkin and the Minister, which is similar to The Scarlet Letter. In the Scarlet Letter, Hester takes an adventure into the woods after she commits adultery. This could also be an eye opener for other people because we meet people like this all the time, but do not realize it until we keep talking to them or the way they act and if they are honest. Taking a look at the overall symbols may tell the readers that Hawthorne could have encountered similar situations in real life or they have a personal meaning that he does not want to share. "Faith" is another symbol used in the story because Brown 's wife name is Faith and on the day young Goodman Brown gets ready for a journey that he is interested in finding out about, his wife Faith is trying to stop him because she had been having dreams and wanted comforting by her husband. She tells him to, “prithee put off your journey until sunrise and sleep in your own bed to-night. A lone woman is troubled with such dreams and such thoughts that she 's afeard of herself sometimes. Pray tarry with me this night, dear husband, of all ni...

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...out. The inspiration could of have come from nature because in some of his other stories as well, he uses nature as a path to take to escape from everyone and to just be able to be free with nature.
Goodman Brown is a regular person like everyone else because we all have been tempted and curious about something and sometimes we let our curiosity get to us and not believing strongly in our faith. Symbolism, imagery, the pink ribbons, and the I’s of romanticism all have a major role in Brown’s life just like each individual has something meaningful to them. Brown did not realize what he was getting himself into until he began the journey, but he never turned back and because of that he had a gloomy life and death. Faith was the key to go through the journey and he did not live up to his faith and he did not do what he should have for his wife Faith.

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