The Scarlet Letter Between Hester Prynne And Arthur Dimmesdale Essay

The Scarlet Letter Between Hester Prynne And Arthur Dimmesdale Essay

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In The Scarlet Letter the town often forgets that to make a child, a man and a woman are both needed. This is a concept that unfortunately, is still hard for some people to grasp. When a man does the same thing as a woman, in certain cases a man won’t be judged as harshly as a woman. In this circumstance of adultery, the woman is usually branded as a “harlot”, while the man is often seen to have done nothing wrong. Such is the case in The Scarlet Letter between Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale. Hester is branded with the Letter A to wear on all her clothing to show that she is an adulterer. For some time the town put her in jail and were going to take her daughter Pearl away from her, all for sleeping with another man who was not her husband. She is publicly shamed, and constantly pressured to reveal her lover’s name, which she valiantly keeps to herself. While Hester doesn’t proclaim Dimmesdale as the father, the town has little motivation to discover who it is, as they have Hester to take their viewpoints out on. Even when the Reverend tried to tell the public what wrongs he had committed along with Hester, they simply couldn’t imagine such a holy man doing such things. Even in today’s day and age, mothers in cases of unmarried pregnancy are expected to step up to care for the child while the father can get away with not being a part of the child’s life, some even avoid child support. “Men get passes, women get reputations, and real, lasting humiliation travels only one way.”(Bruni)
The Puritans in the Boston town wanted severe punishment for Hester’s infidelity. Many wanted her executed for her actions, while another suggests branding her with a hot iron. “‘The magistrates are God-fearing gentlemen, but merciful overmuch,—...

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...ceived the complete opposite reaction than Hester was subjected too. He was actually praised for his doing, claiming that his actions were used to teach everyone that “we are all sinners alike”. They regarded his actions as a mistake rather than a crime, while they held Hester to the upmost punishment. Nobody questioned Dimmesdale’s capability to be a reverend after word got out that he was the father, while Hester wasn’t allowed to make bridal garments due to her “dirty” hands. Something needs to be done to ensure woman that it is not simply their “fault” for getting pregnant as so many people seem to think it is. Whether it’s educating the public, or simply offering single mothers the support they truly deserve. Because if a woman is raising a child on her own after the father leaves the picture, they deserve the upmost respect for playing the role of both parents.

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