The Scarcity Of Clean Water Essay

The Scarcity Of Clean Water Essay

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There are 80 countries that have been suffering from a lack of clean water, and two billion people lack access to freshwater, especially South Africa (Alois). This area of countries is the driest in the world - Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt and so on. Like in the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, Nya, who lives in Sudan, has been lacking clean water. She has to find water every day for her family. Luckily, Nya got help from Salva who used to live in Sudan and came back from America to build the water system for her village. However, there are still many people around the world that have been suffering to find clean water for basic use. There are many factors that cause a lack of clean water around the world: geography of countries, deforestation, and pollution.
Geography of countries is a main factor in the lack of clean water. There are many countries that are located in dried up areas which are the hottest areas in the world. Some of the countries located on the earth’s equator are surrounded by desert and the majority of the land consists mostly of sand which does not hold water. There are not enough trees to absorb water during rainy season. In some areas, there is no rain for several years. The temperature is very high during the dry season. Jay W. Sharp states in his article The Sahara Desert, the temperature in desert areas are extremely hot. The average temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can reach 136 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, Sudan, where Nya lives, is generally extremely hot and dry because the country has no forest and is surrounded by the Sahara Desert, the second largest hot desert in the world and covering many countries that include Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and others. Similarly, in the book A ...

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...t “They contain pollutants such as lead, mercury, sulphur, asbestos, nitrates and many other harmful chemicals.” These pollutants are toxic chemical, so if many industries do not have a good waste filter system, they can kill the living organisms in the river as a result of unclean water. Pulled water is from the human’s irresponsible actions.
In conclusion, water crises are increasing every day. There are three major causes which include geography of countries, deforestation and pollution. These problems are affecting many people around the world. They do not have enough clean water to use every day. Most of their demand of water is fulfilled by rain water which gets deposited in surface and ground water resources, but the quality of water is very much limited on earth. We have to be united to protect our nature and prevent deforestation and destruction of grasslands

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