Essay on Scandinavian Mythologies

Essay on Scandinavian Mythologies

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From three different sources The Faerie Queene, The Mabinogion and Beowulf two concept, one from each Celtic and Scandinavian Mythologies can be seen. The first concept is from Scandinavian mythology and is that of the idea of redemption or dying well. The second is from Celtic mythology and is the use of the "Other" or "Otherworld".
From the two stories, The Faerie Queene and The Mabinogion, what would give the reader the greatest feeling of hope throughout them both would be the idea of comeuppance. To have the hope that in the end the good people will triumph and the bad will receive their penalty, as they should but rarely do.
The word redeem mainly has two meanings to either win back or restore something and the second to make good or to atone for something (Webster’s). Therefore, the phrase redemptive hope can be interpreted two ways, the first is that our hope in redemption and justice are accomplishable, and another way is that others or we are able of being restored or reformed.The term redemption is widely used in many religions as well as the idea of redemptive hope. “If the term be taken in its widest sense, as deliverance from dangers and ills in general, scarcely any religion is wholly without it.”(Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
The history of redemption and the idea of a "good king" is traceable back through Scandinavian cultures and myths. In Beowulf, the reader is pulling for the protagonist, Beowulf, and hoping that he shall defeat the evil monster Grendel. That is the belief in comeuppance, that Grendel’s evil deeds and hellish nature have doomed him and he deserved the Light to smite him. Grendel with if foul deeds wrought the kingdom with grief, fear and poverty, where it was once a kingdom ...

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...tales that reflect their prospective cultures. However, The Faerie Queene is influenced and infused by them both.
The two ideas give the Faerie Queene another layer of meaning. The use of ancient cultures and beliefs draws more audience and more depth into to story so that students, like me, have something more to say then it's just a religious allegory.

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