The Sbs Programme, Struggle Street Essay

The Sbs Programme, Struggle Street Essay

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Overall, the SBS programme, Struggle Street (2015) provided a graphic insight into the hardships faced by lower-class Australians in Mount Druitt, Sydney. Nevertheless, viewing the programme allowed me to reflect and compare with my own observations of poverty within both Vietnam and Cambodia. The emotion I felt whilst watching the programme was incomparable to helplessly observing the great poverty within Cambodia.
The most confronting aspect of the documentary was the failure of the Australian Government’s to address poverty within the Mt. Druitt community. It was fairly evident that Mt Druitt’s community is “let down”, especially when Billy, a resident, was accused of failing to pay rent. This certainly struck me, as without a house to live in, both he and his girlfriend would be forced to become homeless, a reality faced by most residents in Mt Druitt. Conversely, in Cambodia, it was shocking to see visual poverty on the streets, whilst travelling to and from various places; children were sitting on the kerbs half-naked with their parents, beside their wooden and half-built houses. I felt sick watching them suffer, whilst we rode in the bus, as there was not anything we, as volunteers could do, to prevent them from living in poor conditions.
Moreover, a similarity between the two circumstances was the sense of community. As observed in Struggle Street, a man called William seeks help from a “total stranger” to move his belongings to a friend’s house. This simple act of kindness and compassion conveys how homeless people in Australia are incredibly reliant on others to help them, as the Cambodian children at the charities were reliant on volunteers. Besides this, the notion of community in Mt Druitt was evident in the fairs...

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...een any individuals, whether they are disadvantaged or advantaged, contradicts Christian values and ideals, making the producer and the other tourists somewhat disrespectful and uncompassionate towards the Mt Druitt and Cambodian community respectfully.
In summary, Struggle Street encouraged me to focus on poverty within Australia, in contrast to solely LEDCs, such as Cambodia or Vietnam. Despite being relatively biased and inaccurate, the program showed that there are communities that are struggling within Australia, mainly due to the lack of care from the government and their false depiction in the media. In contrast, as a community, I believe that it is our responsibility to respect and acknowledge their situation. I hope that with time and through government intervention their situation will improve and we can live as an equal and fair society.

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