Says Who?: The Influence of the Government Essay

Says Who?: The Influence of the Government Essay

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In the United States’ modern democratic system, or any political system for that matter which follows the values of popular sovereignty, the government’s ascendancy is derived from the people whom it governs. One way in which policy makers discern the citizenry’s voice is through an assessment of public opinion--the attitudes and opinions the general public forms towards government on issues such as policy or efficiency. Measuring public opinion can be challenging for most political scientists because there are multiple ways to interpret information gathered about the people’s attitudes towards elections or policy. Before scientific polling, public opinion used to be gauged by the size of a rally or the number of readers buying informative pamphlets. As the scientific era emerged, numerous approaches to measuring public opinion were developed, two of which are straw polls and random sampling, also known as probability samples. Although measuring public opinion is not always straightforward, surveys can often be constructed with built-in pitfalls, which bring the objectivity and validity of the results into question. The use of such techniques as biased samples, question wording, priming and framing are examples of these. We’ll take a deeper look into the procedures political scientist practice to correct for these issues, using such things as margin of error charts and the evaluation of measurable errors, as well as minimizing possible bias.
Throughout the early 1920’s to mid 1930’s, straw polling reigned as a popular way to conduct research on public opinion. Notable national magazines would dispatch millions of sample ballots to readers across the country a few weeks before a presidential election and publish the result...

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...n survey. For example, if the margin of error was plus or minus 3 in a survey of one thousand people, pollsters could assume if a candidate received 60% of the votes in the survey, he or she would more realistically receive 57% to 63% on Election day. When looking into survey research, independent polling organizations are found to be most accurate. Although, when measuring public opinion accuracy only goes so far. Being accurate and reputable comes from consistency in results and survey methods that can clearly be explained.
In conclusion, there are many distinct ways to measure public opinion. Some are better than others, but in any instance there is no perfect approach to be one hundred percent accurate. While pollsters and political scientists take action to perfect reading the public’s general attitude, there are many flaws within the polling process.

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