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I never thought this day would come. I mean, I did know it was coming, but I just never thought it would be this soon. Since birth, Lina has been my older sister, my companion, my confidant, and moreover, my best friend. As years passed, I acknowledged that we were getting older, and that the date of her departure was getting closer, yet, I did not want to believe it. Since last year, she had been in the exhausting process of applying to universities, and by the end of May, the University of New Orleans (UNO) granted her with a generous scholarship. With a smile full of pride and amazement, she accepted the scholarship and reserved her space in the Psychology field in the UNO. Overshadowed by the great news of her scholarship, we failed to foretell the gloomy days that were close to arrive.
All the years we spent together are now images that rest in the back of my head. The memories remain, but the days and nights we laughed and had midnight snacks are long gone. All I can do now is sit down and wait; wait for time to take its toll, wait for the sun to come and go, wait for four months for her to come back home. Lina left on August 19th, leaving a sea of emptiness behind. She was hopeful and optimistic, but tears streamed down her cheeks as she waved goodbye.
She was sitting down on a suitcase full of memories with her knees bent together trying not to fall. Wearing a brown flowered shirt that enhanced the color of her skin and a pair of blue jeans, she had a vague resemblance of my mother’s youth. Her head rested on her hands and her elbows on her knees. As two little birds, her eyes soared through the airport looking at nothing in specific. Her nose inhaled the sweet scent of the Nicaraguan people, while her lips quietly ...

... middle of paper ... Lina, and I torture myself regretting the constant disagreements we used to have. Flashbacks come to my mind, like in the movies, where there is no sound, only the image of your beloved one smiling or laughing happily. I keep crying and crying, without being able to stop, and even though I know that her departure is for the best, I still cannot picture myself living without my best friend.
The day finally came, and I was definitely not ready for it. I believe that no one is ever ready to let go a person you had loved for over 16 years. Nevertheless, my time came and I had to. I am happy because I know that she is happy. It has been a month already since the day she left, and I miss her as much as I did the first day.
August 19th was the day Lina left to start a new phase in her life. Now all I can do is wait eagerly for December 12th when she comes back home.

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