Essay on Say No To Gun Control

Essay on Say No To Gun Control

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The debate between those for and against gun control is becoming more and more prominent in the United States. Several gun control activists have problems with the possibility of owning weapons. The solution is simple. The United States should continue supporting the second amendment and allow Americans to protect themselves using firearms.
Currently the United States’ President, Barack Obama, is creating a plan to increase restrictions on owning arms. The current draft includes background checks for every single purchase as well as limiting ammunition magazines to a maximum of ten rounds (Gettings, McNiff). He also plans to reinstate the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, more commonly known as the Assault Weapons Ban. This bill prohibited the “manufacture, possession, and importation of semiautomatic assault weapons” (Getting, McNiff). The problem lies with that they aren’t proven to prevent anything. Five years after the ban on assault weapons the infamous Columbine Incident happened. While three or four regulations that have helped rid the United States of gun violence, large and vague laws do not have any effect.
In 1871 Ambrose Burnside, a former Rhode Island Governor founded the National Rifle Association. Their purpose remains to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis” (Getting, McNiff). The NRA has remained largely active in politics, donating as much as 13,000 to each senator who supports the rights of gun owners. Without this funding, many senators would have remained in their positions as mayors or governors with out a voice.
Many supporters of strict gun control laws entertain the idea that guns are always dangerous and that they kill innocent animals and humans. This statement...

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... individual isn’t truly free if they are unable to protect themselves.

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