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Say ' No For Organ Trading Essay examples

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Say ‘NO’ to Organ Trading
In course of living a human life, some parts of human body may not be able to work well which can make life difficult to live. To get rid of this situation, organ transplant is needed. Organ transplant experiments in human and animals began in 18th century by some researchers. After lots of failures, successful organ transplant had been performed in the mid of 20th century (“Organ Donation”). When this began as a method of treatment of end stage life, it was very difficult for people to get an organ for transplantation due to less number of supplies than demands. Furthermore, selling and buying of organs are considered illegal which makes it difficult to meet the high demand of organ transplantation. Some people took the advantage of this huge gap between demand and supply of organs for transplantation and started illegal trading of organs. When the organ sale started unlawfully by these money lover brokers, it created many socio-economic and health problems. Poor and desperate people are easily exploited and pressurized in selling their organs and in an illegal market. They will never get a fair and worthy price for the organs. Thus buying and selling organs should not only be made illegal but should be completely banned. The tradition of organ trading will create chaos in the society and creates a gap between rich and poor people. On top of this, no good and quality methods of operation will be followed in organ trade in an illegal market. Hence, organ trading should be completely banned as it increases crimes, health problems and socio- economic discrimination.
There is high demand of organ transplantation. More than 100,000 people are in need of organ transplantation according to the U.S. Governmen...

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