Save the Animals: Say No to Animal Experimentation! Essay

Save the Animals: Say No to Animal Experimentation! Essay

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Most of the medications that we in market today have been tested and proven effective for animals before prescribing them to human beings. However, would it feel good to know that every year, hundreds of thousands of animals are captured from the wild and die just because of these said experiments? For many years now, scientists have been using animals for their laboratory experiments to produce new medicines. Although scientists have been using this process for many decades in the field of medicine, it is still a controversial issue for those who are pro animal experimentation and against animal experimentation. Both sides have been arguing about the necessity of these procedures of the medical field. Carl Cohen, a vocal animal experimentation supporter states, “Experiments on animals are necessary in order to safeguard and improve human health and well-being” (Gaughen 1). On the other hand, here are some reasons why those who are against animal experimentation say that it should be banned: 1) scientists use endangered species; 2) non-human primates and other animals are poor subjects for experimentation; and 3) there are other alternatives to testing on animals for the production of new medicines. Most of those who are pro animal experimentation see only one side of the argument and do not consider these facts. Facts about animal experimentation show that it should be banned and should not be in the field of medicine anymore.
The first reason why animal experimentation should be put to a good stop is the scientists’ usage of endangered animals. The U.S. Department of agriculture lately estimated that about 1.6 million animals are used in medical and pharmaceutical research (Gaughen 4). Most of the animals that are involved in ...

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