Save Our Earth: It's In Our Hands Essay

Save Our Earth: It's In Our Hands Essay

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The environment, in general, is very similar to the human body. It needs to be protected the same way the human body should be protected from any viruses or infections. Our global environment reacts to many things that harm it, just as the human body reacts to a disease. Many things that harm our environment, and most of them are created by our own hands; they are things like motor vehicles, factory waste, and the lack of recycling.
“Car engines harm our environment in many different ways. They produce waste like carbon dioxide that pollute our natural air. When fossil fuels are burned, they worsen the greenhouse effect.
Burning of fossil fuels and deforestation leading to higher carbon dioxide concentrations; livestock and paddy rice farming, land use and wetland changes, pipeline losses, and covered vented landfill emissions leading to higher methane atmospheric concentrations. Many of the newer style fully vented septic systems that enhance and target the fermentation process also are major sources of atmospheric methane; use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in refrigerat...

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