Save Or Not Save? Essay

Save Or Not Save? Essay

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To save or not to save?
From the moment I could remember I had a passion to help people. It started when I was a young girl riding in the car gazing out the window. Almost every car ride I would see a person on the side of the road asking for money. My heart sank every time we passed them. I remember one evening I saw a homeless person at a red light and asked my father could I give them my dollar, his response was no. I vowed to myself that day to never turn my kids down when they are offering a helping hand. Especially when no one is forcing them to do so. Ever since the day at the red light I had a soft spot for homeless people. I began storming up ideas to help them and I finally came up with the idea in high school to open up a homeless shelter upon college graduation. This would not be your ordinary homeless shelter. The homeless shelter I want to open will not be free. I know, sounds crazy since they are homeless but I am not talking about payment with money. If you need my services you will have to contribute some type of way by the form on cleaning, answering phone calls, and etc. Also, this homeless shelter will provide showers, haircuts, professional clothes, consultants to help build resumes and set up job interviews, and therapists.
There are many reasons why I want to be an Army officer. The most generic reason is for the money. I am not going to pretend that money is not one of the reasons I want to be an officer in the Army. However, this is not the first reason I wanted to join. In high school, I did not know the difference between enlisted soldiers and officers but I did know I wanted to go to college and in conjunction join the Army. I planned on going to college to become a clinical psychologist. I knew that...

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...a dependable leaders lets your subordinates realize they can always count on you no matter what is going on.
The leader’s style affects the morale and behavior of the ones following him enormously. If the leader lacks personality, always negative, and talks about individuals around others then the people following him will not want to be around them much. His subordinates will begin to have lack of motivation and not interact with each other very well due to how their leader is setting the tone for them all. However, if the leader is upbeat, positive, and uplifts the individuals then the people following him will love to come to work, love working with one another, and also take on those traits their leader portrays and take it with them wherever they go. How the leader chooses to be with the people following him sets the tone for how things will be with everyone.

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