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Saul Bellow is one of the greatest influential authors in American literature. His emotions and point of view during and after WWII impacted American society during the late 1900’s. Bellow created an mental and physical images, illustrating the social and political injustices of the Holocaust as well as illustrating the American life after WWII through the eyes a Russian-American man. Saul Bellow uses his writing to describe his life and help people find their purpose and meanings in the world. Although he lived through parts of the Great Depression; WWII impacted his writing career the most.
Solomon Bellows was born to Russian immigrant parents in Lachine, Quebec, Canada on June 10, 1915 and died on April 5th, 2005 in Brookline, Massachusetts (1), just two years after his parents had emigrated from St. Petersburg, Russia (6). He was the youngest of four children to his father, Abraham, and his mother, Liza (3). Bellow had two sisters and one brother (6). He was raised in Montreal (3) and moved to Chicago in 1924 (2).
First he lived the slums on St. Dominique Street. His father, Abraham, blamed himself for the family’s poverty (6). Although he didn’t want Saul to see any of it, Saul still saw violence and sexual activities in the neighborhood (6). In Lachine, a medieval ghetto, Bellow learn to speak Hebrew, Yiddish, French, and English (6). Bellow spent one year in the Royal Hospital, in the Tuberculosis section, although he claims he didn’t had Tuberculosis, and had nothing to do but read books (6).
At age nine, his family moved to Humboldt Park in Chicago, which was a neighborhood filled with immigrants (6). He attended Tuley High School and ran track, swam and played tennis (6). His father continued to have financial probl...

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...his sixth novel Mr. Sammler’s Planet in 1969 (1). Then he wrote Humboldt's Gift in 1975 and received a Pulitzer Prize for it (4).
In conclusion Saul Bellow is one of the greatest influential authors in American literature. He used his vantage point during and after WWII to aid him in making great novels. His books mostly reflected parts of his life. Each story was a small biography of parts of his life. WWII affected his writing career because it jump started it as well as giving him topics he was passionate about writing about. Mel Gussow and Charles McGrath said, "Mr. Bellow stuck to an individualistic path, and steered clear of cliques, fads and schools of writing” and this path he took has allowed him to leave his mark on American literature thus making him one of the greatest influential authors in this genre.

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