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Saul Analysis Essay

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The Action:

After Goliath’s death, Saul’s son and heir, Jonathan, honors David as his friend over himself and his family. Saul himself gives David command over Israel’s men of war.
Saul, though, hearing Israel’s women sing, “Saul has struck down his thousands, and David his tens of thousands” (18:7), grows jealous of David and fears his taking the throne. A spirit of evil from God moves Saul twice to try to try to kill David while he’s playing the harp to soothe Saul’s nerves.
Saul next promises David that, if he’s victorious in battle, he can marry one of the king’s daughters. Saul hopes that the Philistines will kill David for him. Saul first promises David his oldest daughter, Merab, but marries her to another man. Saul then promises David Saul’s daughter Michal if David brings him proof of the death of two hundred Philistine warriors. When David and his men have killed the Philistines, he marries Michal.
As David’s successes grow, Saul tells Jonathan of Saul’s plan to kill David. Jonathan warns David of the plan and, interceding with Saul for him, arranges peace between the two. The peace, though, is short lived, as, after another victory by David, Saul again tries to kill him.
Next, when Saul sends men to surround David’s house, Michal arranges a daring escape for him. (READ Psalm 59 to learn David’s response to this incident.) He flees for protection to the prophet Samuel. When Saul tracks David and Samuel down, the Spirit of God comes onto Saul and forces him to prophesy before Samuel. David is again saved — for now.

Main Lessons:

1. What are the contrasts in the character and behavior of David and Saul?

David was obedient and behaved wisely (18:5).
Saul was angry and had murder in his...

... middle of paper ...

...a and murder of Uriah the Hittite will wreck David’s life and his whole family’s.

3. What are some thoughts on Saul’s strange behavior at this lesson’s end?

Israel of Saul’s time had a school of prophets whose gift was forth-telling (speaking clearly a word from God), not fore-telling (predicting the future). Saul had met this school before and got caught up in its revival (10:10). He had also had God’s Spirit descend on him in I Samuel 11:6. The meeting with Samuel would be the last time when Saul felt the Spirit.
In an atmosphere of music, song, and dance, Saul experienced ecstasy, a sense of standing outside of himself. This ecstasy was not necessarily salvation. As Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:21-23, not everyone who calls Him Lord or prophesies in His name will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Saul’s ecstasy was God’s means of letting David escape.

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