Saudi Arabian And American Teaching Systems Essay

Saudi Arabian And American Teaching Systems Essay

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Saudi Arabian and American teaching systems
The education system is one of the largest institutions in a country. Each country has a unique education system. The United States and Saudi Arabia are very different in their teaching systems. When many Saudi students come into the United States for studies, they face challenges to adapt to the American teaching system because the way teachers teach in the American schools and how these schools are structured is different from the way it is in the United States. The similarity between the two systems is that they both use English as a mode of instruction for the students. This means that the students in both countries are taught in the English language for most of their subjects except perhaps, foreign languages. In this paper, I will compare the United States and the Saudi Arabian education systems. In general, the United States and Saudi Arabian education system have different ways of teaching, school systems and grading.
To start with, I have noticed that the way of teaching in America is different from the way of teaching in Saudi Arabia. In the United States, the lecturers want us as students to think and apply what they teach us. They also ask students to say what they think. In the Saudi Arabian education system, the way of teaching is a little bit different. This is because, instead of asking the students to say what they think about the topic, they ask the students to be able to remember what is in the textbooks. This way of teaching is known as rote memorization. According to Krieger, “In the typical Saudi classroom, rote learning is stressed over innovative thinking” (p. 2). In rote learning way of teaching, students are supposed to memorize con...

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...y strong influences of the Muslim religion. The Saudi Arabian education wants the students to get some information and to remain strong Muslims at the same time. My recommendation is that the Saudi Arabian education system should become more like the United States education states education system so that it can be effective and friendly to the students.

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