Saudi Arabia Falls Short in Implementing Women's Rights in Relation to International Human Rights Law

Saudi Arabia Falls Short in Implementing Women's Rights in Relation to International Human Rights Law

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“Acquisition of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, male and female.” What this suggests, then, is that this is one area, at the very least, where international human rights standards are not in conflict with the social norms of this particular society. Saudi Arabia’s education system currently contains twenty-four public and eight private universities. In total, there are 25,000 schools and numerous colleges and other institutions. The education system is available to all citizens, and it offers students free education, books, and health services. In this area, article twenty-five has been applied in Saudi Arabia for more than fifty years. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights displays a number of articles that are either implemented or not in Saudi Arabia. It would be irresponsible not to note the progress that Saudi Arabia has made in revolutionizing its system of public education, but unfortunately, the progress in the country overall has been muted. When considering the resolution passed by the United Nations, the number of articles that have not been implemented in the country exceeds those that have been implemented.
The international community has also spoken loudly on the issue of discrimination against women. Around the world, women have been subject to certain forms of discrimination for many years. This occurs in all walks of life, and in response, the United Nations has taken great steps to ensure that countries are in compliance with a treaty designed to protect those women. Saudi Arabia, because of a wide range of cultural factors, has not been particularly proficient at putting a stop to this kind of discrimination. This is possibly because the country has no real interest in stopping discrimination ag...

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...standards rather than the standards having to bend in order to comply with the framework of the Saudi culture.

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