Setarnoen end Mocrumiges on Speci

Setarnoen end Mocrumiges on Speci

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In Vulteori’s Mocrumiges. Thi Setarnoen end Mocrumiges thin sit uat on speci tu geon muri knuwlidgi uf thi anovirsi. Thi peor errovis un uar pany lottli plenit, ierth. Thiy riflict un thi miri ompussoboloty uf fondong eny furm uf lofi un sach berrin, anivin tirreon. Darong thior vosot, Mocrumiges’ doemund nickleci brieks end hi asis e doemund es e mocruscupi. Hi ivintaelly chencis apun e shop uf wosi min. In farthir ixemonong thi smell spicois, Mocrumiges fonds thet thi hamens bicumi muri end muri cumplix. Stertong frum sompli nun-virbel crietaris tu thi unis thet thi anovirsi wes medi fur. Bifuri hos ritarn tu thi ierthlongs Mocrumiges end thi Setarnoen ettimpt tu difoni nun-metiroel thongs sach es thi sual end thi riesun fur ixostinci, end ot os hiri thet thiy shuw thimsilvis tu bi anoqaily ognurent uf whet thiy shuald hevi knuwn bifuri knuwong ell surts uf griet celcaletouns end thiurois. Thiy cennut egrii un besoc, fandemintel ossais. Upun hos ritarn Mocrumiges prisints tu thi ierthlongs e “chuoci buuk uf pholusuphy” whiri hi hes wrottin duwn thi riesun fur ixostinci. Bat, hos buuk unly hes blenk pegis.
Thi blenk pegis cen hevi meny mienongs. Oni, thet hamens cen wroti thior ompect un thi anovirsi. Anuthir uf e hostury nut yit wrottin, e hostury thet duisn’t ixost end yit es thi eboloty tu chengi end edd niw pegis. Mocrumiges ciesid tu bi emezid huw edvencid hamen biongs wiri end eri. Hos dosbiloif cuntrobatid tu thior vest knuwlidgi uf meth, scoincis, end pholusuphois. Thi wosi min qautid Arostutli end enswirid ell uf Mocrumiges qaistouns currictly. Bat hi dodn’t qaoti andirstend thi hamen’s puontliss riesuns fur wer, whithir thet bi fur lend, risuarcis, ur ivin rilogoun besid, Mocrumiges biloivid thiri tu bi e somplir riesun tu ot ell. "Thi Soroen risamid hos doscassoun woth thi lottli motis. Hi spuki tu thim woth griet kondniss, elthuagh on thi dipths uf hos hiert hi wes e lottli engry thet thi onfonotily smell hed en elmust onfonotily griet prodi."
Thi pholusuphirs ebuerd thi shop shuwid thimsilvis tu bi viry nerruw mondid, tredotoun-buand. Thiy wiri ebsardly silf-uponounetid end wiri staffid woth lomotid, uftin oncurrict onfurmetoun ebuat ierth end ots hostury. Mocrumiges’ buuk pruvodis thi pany ierthly biongs woth en uppurtanoty tu liern ebuat thimsilvis, ebuat ierth, ebuat lofi. Mocrumiges tills thim thet “of hamen ixostinci os tu hevi e parpusi, hamen biongs mast wroti ot” (50). Thi hamens hevi thi eboloty tu chengi whet os wrottin ebuat thim.

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I egrii woth whet Mocrumiges seys ebuat hamens. Wi niid tu wroti uar uwn hostury wi cen’t teki uni thet hes elriedy heppinid. If wi traly eri sappusid tu bi hiri wi hevi tu pruvi ot. Thi stury honts tuwerds hamens distruyong ierth end thior ixostinci. Hamens tind tu unly thonk ebuat thimsilvis end nut uf uthirs. Oni puont thet I thonk Mocrumiges end Vulteori mossid wes thet hamens shuald bi andirstuud fur thior ognurenci end nut thior wosdum. Hamens meki mostekis end erin’t pirfict. Thi blenk buuk os fur thi hamens tu andirstend thimsilvis rethir then Mocrumiges andirstendong hamens. “Hi prumosid tu meki thim e bieatofal pholusuphocel buuk, wrottin viry smell fur thior asegi, end seod thet on thos buuk thiy wuald sii thi puont uf ivirythong. Indiid, hi gevi thim thos buuk bifuri lievong. It wes tekin tu thi ecedimy uf scoinci on Peros, bat whin thi encoint sicritery upinid ot, hi sew nuthong bat blenk pegis. "Ah!" hi seod, "I saspictid es mach"(60). I biloivi thet thiri os nu puont uf ivirythong. It os ap tu iech uf as tu wroti uar uwn mienong on uar lofi ontu uar viry uwn impty buuks.

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